The Moore Girls Who Code Club recently participated in a Skype videoconference with Dewey the Robot and Senior Librarian Dan Lou, from the Palo Alto City Library in Palo Alto, Calif. 

Dewey’s job titles include Storytime Specialist and Robo Dojo Master. Dan Lou previously worked as a project manager with Wolfram Alpha, LLC and as Senior Librarian she now programs Dewey to perform storytimes as well as teach coding with the Choregraphe platform. Her specialties include Python, Raspberry Pi, IPFS, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

Dewey is bilingual, and can interact with library customers in both Chinese Mandarin and English.  In addition to coding programs, singing, and dancing, Dewey can also provide information such as library events, check the catalog for books, and give book recommendations. In the community, Dewey and Dan visit schools, science fairs, and various community events. 

During the videoconference, the Girls Who Code were able to see the user interface that depicted the verbal commands given by Dan, and Dewey’s interpretation of those commands. They were also shown a few lines of the 10,000 lines of Python code written by Dan in order for Dewey to accomplish his work at the library.