The Southwest Oklahoma City Public Library will present the last Let’s Talk About It, Oklahoma event in December with a discussion of the novel “Arabian Jazz” by Diana Abu-Jaber, at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 13, at the library. "Arabian Jazz" details how a Jordanian widower and his family adjust to life in upstate New York.

Scholar Bill Hagan will lead the discussion. Registration is required and copies of each book will be available at the library’s Information Desk. Ages 18 and up may participate.

The Let’s Talk About It, Oklahoma series is a presentation of Oklahoma Humanities. Books, services, and other materials for this series are provided by Let’s Talk About It, Oklahoma, a project of Oklahoma Humanities. Funding for this series was provided by grants from the Inasmuch Foundation and Kirkpatrick Family Fund. Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in these programs do not necessarily represent those of Oklahoma Humanities.

We have a number of items in our catalog that speak to the book's theme of embracing the voices of ethnic diversity and the immigrant experience in America, and we've created a Digital Book Display of similar items:

Refuge by Dina Nayeri

Adult Fiction F NAYERI

An Iranian girl who escaped to America as a child grows up through twenty transformative years from a confused immigrant to an overachieving Westerner, before the plight of refugees in Europe compels 

her to save her father.


Dark at the Crossing by Elliot Ackerman

Adult Fiction F ACKERMAN, Large Print Fiction LP F ACKERMAN, OverDrive eBook

An Arab American with a conflicted past attempts to join the fight against Bashar al-Assad's regime before the plight of his host family reshapes his loyalties.


The Night Counter by Alia Yunis

Adult Fiction F YUNIS, Large Print Fiction LP F YUNIS

Fatima Abdullah has lived eighty-five years, and she knows when her time will come: just nine days from tonight, on the 1,001st visit of Scheherazade, to whom Fatima has been telling her life stories. Before that night, Fatima must find a wife for her openly gay grandson, teach Arabic to her pregnant teenage great-granddaughter, make amends with her estranged husband, and decide which of her children should inherit the family home - all while under FBI surveillance.


Here to Stay by Sara Farizan


When a cyberbully sends the entire high school a picture of basketball hero Bijan Majidi, photo-shopped to look like a terrorist, the school administration promises to find and punish the culprit, but Bijan just wants to pretend the incident never happened and move on.


Refugee by Alan Gratz

Teen Sequoyah CF GRATZ, OverDrive eBook & Audiobook

Separated by decades, Josef, a Jew living in 1930s Nazi Germany; Isabel, a girl trying to escape unrest in 1994 Cuba; and Mahmoud, a Syrian boy in 2015 whose homeland is torn apart by violence, embark on journeys in search of refuge.


Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue

Adult Fiction F MBUE, Compact Disc CD MBUE, OverDrive eBook & Audiobook

It is late 2007, and the economy is on the cusp of the Great Recession when young Cameroonian immigrants Jende and Neni Jonga chase after the American dream in New York City. Despite lacking papers, Jende finds a job as chauffeur to one of Lehman's top executives, Clark Edwards. The Jonga family's fate intertwines with the Edwards', and both families are caught in the financial and emotional fallout following the Lehman collapse.


Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

Adult Fiction F HAMID, OverDrive eBook & Audiobook

Presents the story of two young lovers whose furtive affair is shaped by local unrest on the eve of a civil war that erupts in a cataclysmic bombing attack, forcing them to abandon their previous home and lives.


And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

Adult Fiction F HOSSEINI, Large Print Fiction LP F HOSSEINI, Compact Disc CD HOSSEINI, OverDrive eBook

A novel about how people love, how they take care of each other, and how choices made today can resonate through future generations. Author Khaled Hosseini gives listeners a multi-generational family story revolving around siblings and how they love, betray, hurt, honor, and would do anything for one another.


The Newcomers: finding refuge, friendship, and hope in an American classroom by Helen Thorpe 

Adult Nonfiction 371.826 TH, Large Print Nonfiction LP 371.826 TH, OverDrive eBook

Traces the lives of twenty-two immigrant teens throughout the course of a year at Denver's South High School who attended a specially created English Language Acquisition class and who were helped to adapt through strategic introductions to American culture.


Home: where everyone is welcome; poems & songs inspired by American immigrants by Deepak Chopra

Adult Nonfiction 808.81 CH

"Home" is a collection of thirty-four poems and twelve songs inspired by a diverse group of immigrants who have made significant contributions to the United States. From Yo-Yo Ma to Audrey Hepburn, Albert Einstein to Celia Cruz, these poems symbolize the many roads that lead to America, and which we expect will continue to converge to build the highways to our future.


This land is our land: a history of American immigration by Linda Barrett Osborne

Adult Nonfiction 304.873 OS, OverDrive eBook

This book explores the way government policy and popular responses to immigrant groups evolved throughout U.S. history, particularly between 1800 and 1965. The book concludes with a summary of events up to contemporary times, as immigration again becomes a hot-button issue.