The beginning of a new school year brings opportunity and anticipation but also many questions for students, families and educators. And as conditions continue to progress and people continue to adapt during the Covid-19 pandemic, that can bring even more uncertainty.

All of this makes the learning resources available through the Pioneer Library System as important as ever. Students and parents can engage with the library in many ways as they prepare for their academic year, and then continue to find use for the resources in the coming months.

The Pioneer Library System offers a wide variety of resources that can benefit anyone going back to school, be it a first-time student going into pre-Kindergarten, or that same child’s grandparent returning to college to finish their degree, and all ages and grade levels in between.

Some places to start:

Grade level resources can be found through our Tools for Student Success guide, as well as our Learning Resources Center. These features provide families with ideas and resources for students at different stages of their education.

The Brainfuse database provides many services for students, including live tutors that can provide homework assistance in a range of subject areas, practice tests on many subjects and a writing lab where students may submit papers for proofreading.

Mango Languages features more than 70 options for learning a new language, ranging from traditional choices like Spanish or French to languages from far corners of the globe like Mandarin Chinese or Swahili. And yes, “Pirate” is an option for some laughs.