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MP3 playersSet Up Software
1. Download and install OverDrive Media Console on your computer at app.overdrive.com/#download 
     -For Apple Devices
          - Need iTunes version 9.1 or newer. Download the newest version: www.apple.com/itunes/download
          - Configure iPad/iPhone/iPod for manual management
     -For Windows 8 Devices
          - May use OverDrive Media Console app for MP3 format audiobooks


Download the audiobook to your computer

1. Go to OverDrive at https://pioneerok.overdrive.com/

2. Find an ebook or audiobook with the Search icon (magnifying glass) in the top left or browse one of the categories listed in the purple bar

3. Click the Borrow button underneath title

      - If it isn't available, tap Place a Hold

4. Enter your Pioneer Library Card number & PIN
    - If you do not have one, please apply for a library card at any hometown library.

5. You will see a notification bar which says the title is checked out to you. Tap Loans from this bar, or tap the icon of books in the top right to go to your Loans.

6. Tap Download MP3 audiobook

6. Select Open when the box pops up and click OK button

7. OverDrive Media Console will open

8. Click OK when the box pops up asking where to place the file

9. Select the parts you want to download and click OK to begin download

10. The book will download into the OverDrive Media Console. You can listen to the book on the computer or transfer it to your device. 


Transfer audiobook to your device

1. Plug device into computer with USB cord

2. Select the book you want to transfer

3. Click the Transfer button along the top

4. The Transfer Wizard box will pop up and walk you through transferring the book

5. The book will transfer to your device and you can listen to it