Our event calendar now gives you the option to create customized event brochures. This allows you to create your own personalized list of events for specific age groups, event types, and/or locations.

To create your customized brochure, visit our events calendar at http://pioneer.libnet.info/events

In the List View of events, the Create Brochure button will be here:
















In the Grid View of events, the Create Brochure button will be here:










Click the Create Brochure button to pull up the Events Brochure window. By default, the brochure will show all events at all branches for the date range shown (this may be a lot of events!):









You have the option to download the brochure. This will give you a PDF that can be saved or printed. You can also send the brochure to an email address, or subscribe to get an email at a specific frequency with the same filters applied.

You also have the option to create a different brochure, which allows you to customize the events you want to see. Once you choose your filters, you will have the same download, send via email, and subscribe options as above: