Science Museum brings “A Universe of Stories” for summer activities

Scifi landscapeWith the Newcastle Public Library spending the summer focusing on space and science, it means one thing for sure. The experts from Science Museum Oklahoma will be bringing their talents to the library for a variety of program options.

The theme for this year’s Summer Learning Program in PLS libraries is “A Universe of Stories,” with programs taking on space themes, science and technology focuses and more.

Multiple age-appropriate activities led by SMO are planned during June. The schedule this month at the library includes:

Superheroes in Space, 2 p.m. Friday, June 14 – Think like an engineer to use real-life logic and science to be a super space hero and beat the supervillains. For teens ages 12 to 18;

Solar System Science Tour, 10 a.m. Friday, June 21 – Learn more about the planets, moons, asteroids, comets and all the objects that make up the solar system. For ages 11 and under.

Science Fiction Bonanza, 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 25Ages 18 and up will explore the actual science and technology used by popular and classic science-fiction films and how it relates to the real world;

The Great Space Adventure, 10 a.m. Friday, June 28 – Geared to children ages 3 to 12, it’s a presentation of hands-on engineering challenges and a look at how the universe works.

Registration is required separately for each program.

Sponsors for this year’s Summer Learning Program are the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation, Friends of the Library groups, Hitachi Computer Products of America (Inc.), Institute of Museums and Library Services, Oklahoma College Savings Plan, Pioneer Library System, Pioneer Library System Foundation, Sonic, Oklahoma Department of Libraries and the Oklahoman Newspapers in Education.