Pen on Paper

Authors may submit items for consideration as an addition to the Pioneer Library System collection. If you have an item to submit, fill out and mail the Author Submissions/Donation Form with a copy of the item to the appropriate selector. A review copy is necessary for consideration, unless the material has been reviewed.

Mail materials directly to the Center for Readers’ Services, 300 Norman Center Court, Norman, OK 73072 to be considered by the appropriate Pioneer Library System selector.
Please address your mailing to the attention of the appropriate selector from the list below:

Adult Fiction - print and audio books
Adult Nonfiction - print and audio books
Adult and Teen Graphic Novels
Teen Fiction and Nonfiction
- print and audio books (audiences 12-19 years old)
Children’s Fiction and Nonfiction - print and comic books (audiences up to 12 years old)
Children’s Nonprint materials - audio books (audiences up to 12 years old), G-rated films, and music
Adult Fiction and Nonfiction films and documentaries

Materials will be evaluated, and if accepted, the material will appear in the catalog within 6 weeks of receipt. If not added to the library collection, materials sent for review will not be returned unless the sender includes a postage-paid, self-addressed envelope.

Selection decisions are made based on the Collection Development Policy.