The Almost Sisters by Joshilyn Jackson

Graphic novelist Leia Birch Briggs just found out she is pregnant --an unexpected but not unhappy development in her life. But before Leia can break the news (including the fact that her baby is biracial) to her conventional, Southern family, she learns her beloved grandmother, Birchie, is losing her mind and has been hiding it with help from a friend. Leia returns to Alabama to put her grandmother's affairs in order, clean out the family's big Victorian, and tell her family that she's pregnant. Yet Leia she learns that illness is not the only thing Birchie's been hiding. Tucked in the attic is a dangerous secret with roots that reach back to the Civil War. Its exposure threatens the family's freedom and future, and it will change everything about how Leia sees herself and her sister, her son and his missing father, and the world she thinks she knows. Read a sample.