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The Lions of Fifth Avenue by Fiona Davis

It's 1913, and Laura Lyons' life seems perfect-her husband is the superintendent of the New York Public Library, allowing their family to live in an apartment within the grand building. But Laura wants more, and applies to the Columbia Journalism School, where her world is cracked wide open. Soon, Laura finds herself questioning her traditional role as wife and mother. When valuable books are stolen back at the library, she's forced to confront her shifting priorities head on. Eighty years later, in 1993, Sadie Donovan struggles with the legacy of her grandmother Laura Lyons, especially after she's wrangled her dream job as a curator at the New York Public Library. But the job quickly becomes a nightmare when items for the exhibit Sadie's running begin disappearing from the library. Determined to save both the exhibit and her career, Sadie teams up with a private security expert to uncover the culprit. Things unexpectedly become personal when the investigation leads Sadie to some unwelcome truths about her own family heritage-truths that shed new light on the biggest tragedy in the library's history. Read a sample.