What is Career Online High School?

COHS is an online program for adults to earn a diploma from an accredited online high school.

  • Pioneer has 10 scholarships to award (meaning 10 students can go through the program).
  • To be eligible, students must be 25 or older and live/work/own property in our service area.
  • Additional requirements available upon request.

Why PLS is offering COHS:

To help align the talent pipeline and close the skills gap, Pioneer is offering COHS. Not only will COHS enable adults to earn a high school diploma, it also emphasizes workforce development and career readiness. Graduates will have completed a professional resume and cover letter, and earned a career certificate.

What about the GED?

COHS is a great option for adults who are looking for an online program that allows for flexible learning. Each student is connected with a mentor for support. The curriculum includes 4 career credits where students earn a certificate in a high-demand field. Because it is online, students need to be motivated and have access to a computer/tablet and the internet. Students do not need to pay for any tests with COHS. Once they complete the program, they have earned an accredited online high school diploma.