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apple iPad and iPhoneLibby is a simplified app from OverDrive for borrowing ebooks and MP3 audiobooks. It is available for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), and Windows 10. The app does not offer all the functionality of the OverDrive app, but does have the features that are used the most. If you've never read or listened to ebooks or MP3 audiobooks before, Libby is the app to use. If you're happy with the OverDrive app, there's no need to switch.

Here are the basic directions for downloading an ebook or audiobook with the Libby app:

Getting Started

1. Open the app store

2. Search for Libby by OverDrive

3. Install the app


Set up Libby App

1. Open the Libby app

2. Tap Yes if you have a library card with us. If you don't, you'll need to apply for one first. 

3. Tap I'll Search for a Library

4. Search for Pioneer Library System Oklahoma, your City, or your Zip Code.

5. Tap Pioneer Library System

6. Choose whether you want to read books on your Kindle (you must have an Amazon.com account) or if you want to read in the Libby app.

     - If you're not sure, choose to read in the Libby app.

7. Tap Enter the Library


Checkout eBooks and Audiobooks

1. Find an ebook or audiobook with the Search box at the top or scroll down and tap Explore All Subjects

      - Audiobooks will have a heahphones icon 

2. Tap a book cover, and then tap the Borrow button underneath title

      - If it isn't available, tap Place a Hold

3. Enter your Pioneer Library Card number & PIN (usually last 4 digits of your phone number)

4. Tap Borrow. Items are automatically downloaded to the app. 

5. Choose whether to Go to Shelf, to start reading or listening, or to Keep Browsing to check out more items


Read eBook or Listen to Audiobook

1. Tap Shelf in the lower right corner of app

2.. Tap Open Book to read, or Open Audiobook to listen


Return eBook or Audiobook

Titles will automatically return at the end of checkout period. You may return titles early, though.

1. On the Shelf of your app, tap Manage Loan

2. Tap Return Loan to Library and then confirm the action when prompted


Renew eBook or Audiobook

Most items can be renewed 3 days before they are due, if no one else is waiting for them. If you would like to renew:

1. On the Shelf of your app, tap Manage Loan

2. Tap Renew Loan and then confirm the action when prompted


Change Lending Period

You can do this when you borrow a title. 

1. After you tap Borrow, tap the underlined loan period on the confirmation page (before you tap Borrow again). 

2. Change lending period to 7, 14, or 21 days

3. The loan period you choose becomes your default, but you can change it later when you borrow a title again, if you wish.