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Library Cards

Reimagining your library begins here.

Life is full of tough decisions. Getting your library card is not one of them.

With your new library card from PLS, you'll have access to all we have to offer, from books and movies to meeting spaces, library events, technology, resources, and so much more. The library is for everyone, and that includes you!

The particulars:

Anyone who lives, works, attends school, or owns property in communities in Pottawatomie, McClain, and Cleveland counties is eligible for a PLS card. 

PLS offers three types of library cards: 

  • Full Service Library Card: Provides access to all the library's physical and digital materials. All you need to bring with you is proof of address (such as driver's license, utility statement, or other bill).

  • Virtual Library Card: Provides access to online materials only. Register online using the button below to instantly access downloadable, digital, and streaming options.

  • Reciprocal Library Card: Provides access to all library materials for individuals who live in the Metropolitan Library System's service area.


Not sure if you have a card or not? Need your card number? Can't remember your PIN? Ask Us!


Check-Out Information

Item Type Max. Check-out Loan Period Fines/Day Max. Fines
Audio Books 100 items* 21 days .10 3.00
Books 100 items* 21 days .10 3.00
Book Sizzlers 8 items* 21 days .10 3.00
DVDs/Videos 100 items* 7 days .10 3.00
DVD Sizzlers 8 items 7 days .10 3.00
DVDs & Blu-rays - Movie Box 8 items 7 days .10 3.00
Magazines 100 items* 7 days .10 3.00
High Demand/Special Collections 4 items 7 days .10 3.00
Literacy Kits 2 kits 7 days .10 3.00
Book Discussion Kits 2 kits 42 days .10 3.00
Downloadables 12 items Select 7, 14 or 21 days None None
MyCard 3 books 21 days None None
*100 items total of all items per customer. +Fines assessed for adult materials only.

What is my PIN?


By default, PINs are set to the last 4 digits of the phone number on your library card application. For example, if your phone number is XXX.555.1234, your PIN will be 1234. If you try the last 4 digits of your phone number, and it does not work, please complete the PIN Reset Form.

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Why is my privilege expired?


The message usually means your library card has expired and it is time to renew your library card. This happens every 3 years to allow the library to update your information and make sure you are still in our service area. You may renew your card by visiting/calling any hometown library, or by contacting us.

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Why is my account blocked?


Customers with fines over $15 are blocked from checking out materials, but may use computers and online resources. Library fines may be paid in person at the library or online. If paying online, you must make a payment of $5 or more.

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